This is a study conducted by Japan Bio Science Laboratory Co Ltd (JBSL) to examine the improvement of blood flow in human participants after consuming the fermented soybean extract NSK-SD® (Nattokinase) – a proprietary and patented product manufactured by JBSL in Japan.

1. Objective

To examine the blood flow improvement effect when taking The Fermented Soybean Extract NSK-SD® (Nattokinase).

2. Method
Participants in the fasting state were asked to stay quiet 20 minutes before and until the intake, and their blood flow was measured prior to the intake. The participants took the test food with about 100 mL of water. Their blood flow was measured on 40 min., 80 min., 120 min. and 180 min after the intake. Then, we had a 2-week break before measuring the blood flow of the same participants under the same condition with the placebo.

3. Participant
15 healthy male and female aged between 30s to 40s (male: female = 7: 8)

4. Sample
Test food: Natural Super Kinase NSK – 3 capsules (containing 2,000 FU of NSK-SD® as Nattokinase)
Placebo food: Placebo Capsule – 3 capsules (containing indigestible dextrin instead of NSK-SD®)

5. Measurement
We analyzed the middle finger of both hands by a laser Doppler blood perfusion imager.
(We measured the blood flow distribution by scanned images and the change in the blood flow).

6. Result
In comparison with the placebo group, the group that took Natural Super Kinase showed a greater change in the blood flow, and there was a significant increase 180 min. after the intake. In addition, there was a significant increase in the change of the blood flow among the test food group on 80 min., 120 min. and 180 min. after the intake in comparison with that of prior to the intake.

(Pictures below are taken from three participants who showed greater changes in the blood flow. Blood flow was color-coded using a scale ranging from a dark blue (lowest value), green, yellow, orange to red (highest value).


7. Conclusion
It was found that the intake of the Fermented Soybean Extract NSK-SD® (Nattokinase) increased blood flow and showed the blood flow enhancing effect. From this result, it can be considered that we could expect Nattokinase to be a blood flow-improving supplement for those who either actually or potentially suffer from circulatory system and lifestyle diseases.

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